Nom de la danseMusiqueNiveauCompte / MurChorégraphieVidéo
After The StormCalm After The StormDeb32/2Fiche Choré
American LandAmerican LandDeb+32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
An Absolute DreamLand of DreamsDeb32/4Fiche Choré Interclub 13/14Play
Angel of The NightAngel of The NightDeb/Int36/4Fiche Choré
Awful Beautiful (Life)Awful Beautiful LifeInt64/2Fiche Choré
Bandido's Last RideBandido's Last RideDeb/Int32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Bare EssentialsBare EssentialsInt 64/4Fiche Choré Interclub 04/05Play
Beautiful DayA Beautiful Day Deb32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Beer For My HorsesIf you're gonna straighten upInt40/4Fiche Choré Interclub 05/06Play
Beer SeasonBeer SeasonDeb32/4Fiche Choré Interclub 13/14Play
Big JimmyBig Jimmy and FelicidadDeb64/4Fiche Choré Interclub 11/12Play
Big MamouBig MamouDebValse/ contraFiche Choré InterclubPlay
Billy's DanceSan FransiscoDeb/Int48Fiche Choré Interclub 08/09Play
Black CoffeeBlack CoffeeDeb/Int48/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Bubble Gum CowboyBubble Gum CowboyDeb32/2Fiche ChoréPlay
Cabo San LucasCabo San LucasInt32/4Fiche Choré Interclub 08/09Play
California BlueCalifornia BlueInt48/4Fiche Choré
Calling You BabySomeone else calling you babyInt48/4Fiche Choré Interclub 11/12Play
Can't Shake YouCan't Shake YouInt64/2Fiche Choré
CarouselCarouselInt64/2Fiche Choré Interclub 13/14Play
Celtic CTRockjesDeb/IntPhraséFiche ChoréPlay
ChatahoocheeChattahoocheeInt28/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Cheap TalkTalk is CheapDeb64/4Fiche Choré Interclub 12/13Play
Cherokee BoogieThe WoolpackersDeb40/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Chica Boom BoomBoom Boom Goes My HeartDeb/Int32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Coastin'Fiery Nights/ Lord of The DanceInt40/4Fiche Choré
Colorado GirlsColorado GirlDeb/IntCoupleFiche Choré Interclub 13/14Play
CommitmentCommitmentConf48/4Fiche Choré
Country As Can BeCountry As A Boy Can BeDeb32/4
Country Girl ShakeCountry Girl (Shake It For Me)Int32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Country Walkin'Walkin' in the CountryDeb 32/4Fiche Choré
Cowboy StrutThe Boys And MeDeb32/2Fiche Choré
Cowboy Yoddle SongCowboy Yoddle SongDeb/Int32/2Fiche ChoréPlay
CucarachaAll You Ever Do Is Bring Me DownDeb32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Cut A RugRoll Back The Rug UpDeb32/2Fiche Choré
Day DrinkingDay drinkingDeb/Int40/4Fiche Choré
Disappearing Tail LightsDisappearing Tail LightsConf32/4Fiche Choré Interclub 12/13Play
Driven DriveInt84/2Fiche ChoréPlay
Double Shot of Crown BartenderInt32/4Fiche Chorée Interclub
DuchessDon't Toss Us AwayDeb20/2Fiche Choré
El PasoNeon MoonDebCoupleFiche Choré
Every Cotton Picking MorningCotton Pickin' TimeDeb/Int32/4Fiche Choré Interclub 07/08Play
Everybody KnowsEverybody KnowsDeb32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Fais Do DoFais Do DoInt 64/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Fifty Two Beers AgoBeers AgoInt32/4Fiche Choré
Fisher's HornpipeFisher's HornpipeDeb/Int32/4Fiche Choré Interclub 07/08Play
Ghost TrainGhost TrainDeb32/4Fiche Choré
Go Cat GoPlease Mama PleaseDeb32/4Fiche Choré
God Blessed TexasGod Blessed TexasDeb32/2Fiche Choré
Gold DiggerGold DiggerDeb32/4Fiche Choré
Good Time GirlsGood Time GirlsDeb/Int32/4Fiche Choré
Good TimeGood TimeDeb48/4Fiche Choré Interclub 08/09
Good To Be UsIt's Good To Be UsDeb32/2Fiche Choré Interclub 09/10Play
Grundy GallopSoldDeb/int32/2Fiche Choré
HallelujahJoy's gonna come in the morningInt68/2Fiche Choré
Hanging AroundHangind AroundDeb32/4Fiche Choré Interclub
Heart of An AngelHeart of An AngelDeb/Int48/4Fiche Choré
Helluva PolkaIf You're Going Through HellDeb/Int32/4Fiche Choré Interclub 06/07Play
Hey BrotherHey BrotherInt64/4
Holding On To YesterdayI Told You SoInt32/4Fiche Choré
Home GrownHomegrownInt32/4Fiche Choré Interclub
Home To LouisianaHome To Louisiana Deb32/4Fiche Choré Interclub 06/07Play
Hooked On CountryHooked On CountryDeb/Int32/4Fiche Choré
I Run To YouI Run to YouInt64/2Fiche Choré
I Want CrazyI Want CrazyConf64/2Fiche Choré
Irish StewIrish StewDeb/Int32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Is It Friday YetIs it Friday YetDeb32/4Fiche Choré Interclub 12/13Play
Islands In The StreamIslands In The StreamInt 32/4Fiche Choré
It Looks Like PainIt Looks Like PainInt64/4Fiche Choré Interclub
It's The SeasonLet Your Love FlowDeb/IntCoupleFiche Choré
J'ai Du BoogieJ'ai du BoogieDeb/Int64/4Fiche Choré
Jailhouse CreoleJailhouse RockDeb32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
JambalayaJambalayaInt32/4Fiche Choré
JoanaCome Early MorningDeb32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Jolie LouiseJolie LouiseDeb76/4Fiche Choré
Just A MinuteWait A Minute Deb32/4Fiche Choré
Kiss OffIf I Was A WomanDeb/Int64/2
Lay LowLay LowDeb/Int32/4Fiche Choré Interclub
Leave It To YouFill In The Blanks Deb 32/4Fiche Choré Interclub 12/13
Leaving Of LiverpoolLeaving Of LiverpoolDeb/Int32/4Fiche Choré
LonelyWhen You're LonelyDeb/Int32/4Fiche Choré
Long Hot SummerLong Hot SummerInt32/4Fiche Choré
Looking GoodThe Way She's Looking Deb32/4
Looking GoodThe Way She's looking Deb 32/4Fiche Choré
LoslappieLoslappieDeb/Int64/2Fiche Choré
Louisiana StrutLouisianaDeb32/4Fiche Choré
Make You MineMake You MineDeb/Int32/4Fiche Choré Interclub
Make This DayMake This DayConf 64/4
Mamma MariaMamma MariaDeb32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Midnight WaltzI'd Rather Miss YouInt48/4Fiche Choré
Much Too YoungMuch Too YoungInt64/2Fiche Choré
My MariaUn Momento AliaDeb/Int32/4Fiche Choré
My New LifeHigh Class LadyDeb48/4Play
Never EverNo No NeverDeb32/4Fiche Choré
Not FairNot FairInt32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Old Beach Roller CoasterRoller CoasterInt64/4Fiche Choré
On My Red CamaroRed CamaroInt32/4Fiche Choré
One Woman ManOne Woman Man Deb32/4Fiche Choré Interclub 11/12 Play
Open BookOpen Book Deb/Int32/4Fiche Choré
Open Heart CowboyLittle Yellow BlanketInt64/2Fiche Choré
P 3Take It Or Break ItDeb32/2Fiche ChoréPlay
Patient Heart Patient HeartInt 48/2Fiche Choré
People Are CrazyPeople Are CrazyDeb32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
PizziriccoPizziriccoDeb32/4Fiche Choré
Pointe, Talon, FrappeAny Man Of MineDeb36/4
Positively BeginnerAbsolutely, Positively, MaybeDeb32/4Fiche Choré
Quarter After One Need You NowInt 56/4Fiche Choré Interclub 10/11Play
QuicklyWorking On A TanConf64/2Fiche Choré
QuitterQuitterConf64/4Fiche Choré Interclub 12/13Play
Raggle Taggle GypsyRaggle Taggle gypsyDeb/Int32/4Fiche Choré
Red CamaroRed CamaroDeb48/2Fiche Choré
Red Hot SalsaRed Hot SalsaDeb/Int64/2Fiche Choré
Roll In The HayRoll in The HayDeb32/4Fiche Choré InterclubPlay
Rumba StrollIf Love Was A RiverDebCoupleFiche Choré
SchottischeMercury BluesDebCouple
Shame On MeShame On MeInt64/2Fiche Choré
Shout ShoutShout Shout (knock Yourself Out)Deb32/2Fiche Choré
Shut Up And DriveShut Up And DriveDeb/IntCoupleFiche Choré Interclub 11/12
Some BeachSome BeachDeb/Int32/2Fiche Choré
Something In The WaterSomething In The WaterDeb32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Somewhere In My CarSomewhere In My CarInt64/2Fiche Choré
Southern DelightLevantando Las ManosInt32/4Play
Speak to the SkySpeak To The SkyDeb28/4Fiche Choré
Speak With Your HeartDon't Tell Me You're Not In LoveInt32/4
Sticks And StonesStick And StonesDeb32/4
Stick Like GlueStuck On YouIntPhrased/4Fiche Choré
Still Love Me TomorrowWill You Still Love Me TomorrowInt64/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Stomping It OutGoin' Through The Big DDeb32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Summer FlySummer FlyDeb/Int32/2Fiche ChoréPlay
Sunny DayHave You Ever Seen The RainDeb32/2Fiche Choré Interclub 08/09
SwayI SwearDebCoupleFiche ChoréPlay
Tango With The SheriffCha Tango Int48/4Fiche ChoréPlay
TelepathyYou Can't Read My MindDeb64/2Fiche ChoréPlay
Tell Me WhyTell MeInt 64/2Fiche Choré
Tennessee Waltz SurpriseTennessee WaltzDeb/Int32/2Fiche ChoréPlay
Thanks A LotThanks A LotDeb32/4Fiche Choré
The FluteFluteInt64/3Fiche ChoréPlay
The Gambler The GamblerDeb/Int32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
The Picnic PolkaCowboy SweetheartCouple ou line novice48/4Fiche Choré
The SpiritSpirit Of The HawkInt32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
The WorldThe WorldDeb/Int64/4Fiche Choré
This & ThatWomanDeb32/4Fiche Choré
TicksTicksDeb/Int32/4Fiche Choré
ToesToesDeb32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Trailerhood TrailerhoodDeb 32/2Fiche Choré Interclub 12/13Play
Tush PushEvery Little ThingInt40/4Fiche Choré
Under The SunUnder The SunDeb32/2Fiche ChoréPlay
Vertical ExpressionVertical ExpressionInt32/4Fiche Choré
Voices Of The HighlandsVoice Of The HighlandsDebCoupleFiche Choré
Wagon Wheel RockWagon WheelDeb/Int64/4Fiche Choré
Wake Me UpWAKE ME UPInt64/2Fiche Choré
Wake Up Little SusieWake Up Little SusieImp32/2Fiche Choré
Walk Of LifeWalk Of LifeDeb32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Walking In MemphisWalking In MemphisInt32/2Fiche Choré Interclub 11/12
WastedWastedDeb/Int32/4Fiche Choré Interclub 12/13Play
Wave On WaveWave On WaveDeb/Int32/2Fiche ChoréPlay
We Are TonightWe Are TonightInt32/4Fiche Choré
When Your Lips Are So CloseWhen Your Lips Are So CloseDeb/Int32/4Fiche Choré
Where I BelongThat's Where I BelongDeb32/4Fiche ChoréPlay
Whole AgainWhole AgainDeb/Int32/2Fiche Choré
Wishful ThinkingLovin' All NightDeb/Int48/2Fiche ChoréPlay
Wonderland WaltzWelcome To MysteryDeb/Int48/2Fiche ChoréPlay